High Performance

Surf Coaching

Ericeira, Portugal

Unlike conventional surf schools this isn't only about standing up on a surfboard.
At Sardinha we offer technical coaching for surfing, we break down the mechanisms of the core Elements of surfing performance - Mind, body, equipment and ocean.
We help you to surf better, to overcome challenges and take yourself beyond limits with a combination of video feedback, surf written records, theory lessons, surf skate sessions, fitness sessions and more!

Our intensive courses are planned for you to reach your highest potential in the shortest amount of time.

Private Surf Session

Ericeira, Portugal

Private Surf Session

Our private high performance surf coaching sessions are designed for individuals who want to improve their surfing. 


1 Month Intensive Surf Training Program

Ericeira , Portugal

1 Month Intensive Surf Training Program

1 month training surf program to develop your performance to a higher level.  Suited for all ages and levels of surfing.  Maximum 2 persons.



Meet our team

Manager & Founder


Besides being the manager of Sardinha, Lídia is a surf and fitness coach as well. She is graduated in sports science and always have been connected with sports! In the last years she found her true love, surfing. Her task is to evaluate your performance in the water and build a personalized plan with specific exercises on land to optimize your surf technique. Besides surfing She like spearfishing, skating and photography! When you surf with us, you might see her around with my camera taking pictures of you :)


Head Coach & Founder


Filipe is the Coach and has a tremendous knowledge about the ocean!

He is a truly local guide! He knows where to find surf when no one else does, he's extremely good finding uncrowded surf breaks and if you're looking for places to explores or amazing food, he's the one you should speak with!

He lived in Marroco, Sri Lanka and Norway as a head coach developing his skills as a surfer and coach. He was born in Ericeira and started surfing at the age of 12. Besides his love for surfing he loves go fishing and spearfishing.


What people are saying

Check out our testimonials

Felipe and Lidia are wonderful, passionate about surfing, and fully devoted to their students. I was really impressed with the way Felipe was highly aware of exactly how much to push, and sensed when you reached your peak for the session, or when you had more left in the tank. It was the perfect amount to feel challenged and motivated to improve, but not so much as to be overwhelming.

Larbi Alaoui

I just started surfing earlier this year and was taught a poor pop up technique. Filipe was able to retrain my pop up technique as well as identify specific areas for improvement. His coaching is highly personalized and unique to each surfer. He helped not only with they physical aspect of surfing but also on my confidence and attitude during surfing

Kelly Upp

After 7 years of "surfing", I thought I would always use my right knee to take off. Also, the last couple of months I really did not feel confident and comfortable in the water. Filipe and Lídia helped me in only 1 (I am still amazed by that) session to not use my knee anymore. Their way of coaching is really easy going, they don't put any pressure on you and also help you not to put any pressure on yourself. But, they do challenge you to get rid of your old habits.

Sabrina Verheul


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