1 Month Intensive Surf Training Program

1 month training surf program to develop your performance to a higher level.  Suited for all ages and levels of surfing.  Maximum 2 persons.



This surf course is suitable for beginners, as well as intermediate to advanced surfers of all ages. We tailor the course to your specific needs and goals. Embark on a one-month surfing journey designed to enhance your performance. Your surf coach will craft a personalized training program based on your objectives. Utilizing tools such as video recording, surf skate, indo board, light weights, and free surfs, you'll engage in sunrise or sunset sessions, skate sessions, road trips, fitness training, and immerse yourself in the vibrant surf culture and community. When the swell is massive or a competition is underway, we'll embark on road trips to be right in the action! Surf breaks will be selected according to your preferences. Here are some of the topics we will cover: THE 4 CORE ELEMENTS OF SURFING PERFORMANCE: -Understanding equipment -Surf etiquette -Line-up checks -Positioning in the line-up -Good wave selection -Pop-up techniques -Angling on take-off -Learning to lean -Surfing top to bottom -Duck diving -Wipeout safety -Generating speed -Carving -Floaters -Lip line maneuvers -Re-entry techniques -Tube riding -Laybacks -Bottom turns -Setting up aerials -Cutbacks Regardless of your experience or skill level, we approach your training with professionalism, always striving to help you achieve your goals. Sardinha Surf Coaching aims to be an integral part of your lifelong surfing journey!


Surf Training

Surf Training

Develop your surfing with 4 x weekly practical surf coaching sessions. In each your coach will access your skills every sessions and evaluate your physical and psychological stage to access your session accordingly. The sessions are tailored made for the best development possible.

Surf Skate

Surf Skate

When having your Surf Skate session your surf coach will guide you trough coordination drills to increase your performance when surfing. This is an excellent complement to surfing.

Video Analyses

Video Analyses

Depending on the forecast your surf coach will do video recording and you will analyse the videos together. this is proved to be the best tool to develop your Surf skills.

Theory Lessons

Theory Lessons

1 x a week your surf coach will create a session in which he will create a theory lesson which is adapted to your current skills. This is also a moment to drop lots of questions and curiosities.

Functional Training

Functional Training

1 x per week you will have a functional training to increase your strength. this will provide more power and endurance to surf better and for longer.





Filipe is the Coach and has a tremendous knowledge about the ocean! 

He is a truly  local guide! He knows where to find surf when no one else does, he's extremely good finding uncrowded surf breaks and if you're looking into places to explores or amazing food, he's the one you should speak with! 

He lived in Marroco, Sri Lanka and Norway as a head coach developing his skills as a surfer and as a coach.

He was born in Ericeira and  started surfing at the age of 12. Besides his love for surfing he loves go fishing and spearfishing.



Lidia is the manager of Sardinha but also a surf coach!

She will be in charge of all organisation and she will ensure everything goes as planned.

Graduated in sports science and currently doing her master degree in teaching.

She has been always connected with sport being an athlete in  3000 meters obstacle track but in the last years she found her true love, surfing!

What's Included

What's Included

12 x surf trainings

4 x fitness trainings

2x surf skate sessions

Surf theories

In depth Video analysis




2 persons maximum

Surf equipment

Flight Ticket


Ericeira, Portugal

Ericeira, Europe's surf Capital.

Surf spots, typical architectures, beautiful streets full of life and colors, amazing beaches, fresh fish, hiking trails around the area and much more.

Ericeira, Portugal


Filipe and Lidia are truly exceptional coaches! I've found the surf program to be incredibly personalized to suit my needs. They go above and beyond to assist you in selecting the perfect board, identifying the optimal surf spots for practice, and providing constructive feedback to refine your technique. Their approach makes you feel like a valued athlete, and the positive challenges they present truly elevate your skills. After just a month, I've seen a remarkable improvement in my surfing abilities. I think I'll be back for more – it's been an incredible experience!

Krystian Mistrzak

Without a doubt the best surf school out there. Filipe and Lidia are the absolute best in the business. This wasn't a surf school - this was an entire surf immersion learning about the culture, local spots in Ericeira, how to read waves, etc. And that isn't even touching on the amazing work they did to expedite my surf skills over the course of a month - they packed years of learning into a few weeks! I can't recommend them enough, and I know I personally will be back. Thanks Filipe and Lidia for everything!!

Kevin Zhao

I had the most amazing (1-month) experience with Lídia and Filipe! Not only they helped me identify and break down the aspects that were keeping me from progressing in surfing, they gave me the tools and confidence to push my boundaries and apply those into more challenging conditions. Overall, I achieved all my goals and some! Learned immensely! Had a lot of fun, and made two friends along the way! Highly HIGHLY recommend!! (And hope to do it again!)

Yolanda Correia


There are 4 main ways to get here from Lisbon Airport:


TRANSFER: We provide transfers from/to the Lisbon airport for 35€.

These are total prices per ride / one way.

Minimum (2 persons)

To book we require the flight number; arrival hour in Lisbon airport and a phone number to contact you in case of delays.

 Please request your transfer with at least 48 hours in advance.


- UBER: Cheaper option than a Taxi if you want a door to door service. 

Ask for an Uber when you are going out of the bags delivery (normally takes around 5-7min) and find him outside on Departures parking lot. He will take you to Ericeira in around 35min (depending on the traffic) and will cost you 35€/40€. 

- TAXI: Takes more or less 35/40min and costs during the day around 80€ and during the night 85€ for the ride.


The cheapest option!
At the airport you must enter the bus 312 or 329 (Lisbon-Campo Grande) .
It takes 9 minutes and it costs 4€ average.

At Campo Grande enter the bus Mafrense towards Ericeira Terminal.
Direct bus is 50minutes travel 8€ average.
Non direct bus is 1h30 minutes 8€ average.



1 Month Intensive Surf Training Program