1 Month Intensive Surf Training Program


1 Month Intensive Surf Training Program

Surf epic waves, do manoeuvres and have a lot of fun!

Pioneer program in Portugal made for surfers who wants to develop their overall performance. 

At Sardinha we offer technical coaching for surfing, we break down the mechanisms of the core Elements of surfing performance - Mind, body, equipment and ocean

We teach you how to surf better, how to overcome challenges and take yourself beyond limits with a combination of video feedback, surf written records, theory lessons, surf skate lessons, fitness lessons and more!


Ericeira, Portugal

What to expect in our 1 month Surf Training Course

A dedicated Surf coach solely focus in increasing your performance

  • The amount of time we spend in our trainings is the same as a competitive surfer

  • Surf epic waves and learn how to find the best surf spot in the region

  • Have a tremendous knowledge about board design and know which board is the best for you

  • Have personal Coaching Session Records written by your surf coach

  • 14x surf coaching sessions but you can always book more if you want.

  • Train your technical skills and coordinations with 2x surf skate sessions

  • Get in shape with 4x fitness sessions

  • Free surf sessions when the surf looks great

  • Transportation

  • video analyses

  • Always drive to the best surf breaks in the region

  • Bring home all your written Coaching Session Records and videos made during your 30 days of training plus the videos we created with you.

How does the Surf Training Program Work:

We conduct a thorough analysis of your previous surfing experience. 

Based on this assessment, we create a personalized one-month plan that prioritizes the skills you need to develop for a significant overall performance boost. 

Our approach involves selecting the ideal surf break aligned with your specific goals.

To meticulously track your progress, we provide you with a daily Coaching Session Record, offering valuable insights into your development. 

Enhancing your sessions, we utilize video recording, surf skate exercises, indo board training, and incorporate light weights to amplify your learning experience. 

Get ready for a tailored and comprehensive surf training program designed to elevate your skills and maximize your surfing potential.

What will you learn from this course:

How to surf among heavy crowd when needed and surf great waves.

 High performance wave selection.

How to surf critical parts of the wave, maneuvers.

Increase of coordination, reaction, timing and focus.
Finding the best place to surf and be part of a surf culture and the community

Hold your breath for longer  and Increase your comfort zone when the surf is big.