Sardinha Surf Coaching


Sardinha Surf Coaching was created in the spring of 2020. It all started in the summer of 2019 when Lidia, our manager, was looking to learn how to surf on a shortboard but she couldn't find anyone who could help her due to the big discrepancy in the surfing industry. There are hundreds of places to learn how to stand up on a longboard to enjoy a "surf experience" and surf clubs for athletes but nothing in between! Lidia spent months looking for something or someone, but not even one surf school or person was capable accepting the challenge of teaching a 27 years old person on how to surf on a shortboard of her size (5'3 Feet), until she meet Filipe, our actual head coach. Filipe decided to let her join a group lesson.

She was going to bring a 7'6ft surfboard and Filipe said bring instead the smallest surfboard she could find! Lidia was in absolute shock and brought the surfboard to the lesson. For her surprised she stood up on the board but she didn't had a clue of how to catch a wave.

By coincidence Filipe needed a person which he could train for a month to complete his surf coach course. Filipe asked Lidia if she would like to do have a ONE MONTH INTENSIVE SURF COURSE with him! She said yes, the immediately started. Lidia began the surf course with the 7'6ft surfboard and 2 weeks after reduced to the famous 5'11ft  that she kept during the summer, but this time she could catch waves with it! In the final days of the month Filipe told her -"Either you get a shorterboard or you will stop progressing and I will not be able to help you anymore."

Lidia followed his advised and found a 5'5ft fiberglass surfboard! Her skills literally sky rocket and since then she became better and better!

A few months pass a Lidia asked Filipe if he would like to share his vision, Knowledge and passion with the world and surf community around us by creating Sardinha Surf Coaching. - A place where you will find all the help you need to become a better surfer, a place where everyone can use a shortboard and a place where you will always feel welcome and home!


Meet our team

Maganer & Founder


Besides being the manager of Sardinha, Lídia is a surf and fitness coach as well.
She is graduated in sports science and always have been connected with sports!
In the last years she found her true love, surfing.
Her task is to evaluate your performance in the water and build a personalized plan with specific exercises on land to optimize your surf technique.
Besides surfing She like spearfishing, skating and photography!
When you surf with us, you might see her around with my camera taking pictures of you :)


Head Coach & Founder


Filipe is the Coach and has a tremendous knowledge about the ocean!

He is a truly local guide! He knows where to find surf when no one else does, he's extremely good finding uncrowded surf breaks and if you're looking for places to explores or amazing food, he's the one you should speak with!

He lived in Marroco, Sri Lanka and Norway as a head coach developing his skills as a surfer and coach. He was born in Ericeira and started surfing at the age of 12. Besides his love for surfing he loves go fishing and spearfishing.


Our Location


Known as Europe's surf Capital, Ericeira it's a village full of specials places to find out!

Surf spots, typical architectures, beautiful streets full of life and colours, amazing beaches, fresh fish, hiking trails around the area and much more! if there's a place where you can make friends, the local communities are great option to meet for those who want to discover how it's to live in this lovely town!  

Ericeira is the perfect connection point between Lisbon, Sintra, Peniche & Nazaré.  

Driving distances:

Lisbon: 30 minutes (40km)

Sintra: 20minutes (22km)

Peniche: 50 minutes (80km)

Nazaré: 1h10minutes  (115km)




The capital of Portugal is made of 900 years of history. Some of the most iconic infrastructures are located in Lisbon. 

It was before the main European Trading Route where ships from all over the world would dock and do their trades. 

The River bathing Lisbon is called  "Rio Do Tejo". From simple Merchants all the way too Royalty, everyone one would know Lisbon by its power in Global Trading History. The Hills, fortresses, Monasteries, churches and parks are some of the attractions Lisbon got to offer. From Lisbon to Cascais there's a full coast to explore full of never forgetting places.

20 minutes from Lisbon there is Sintra which was the home of Royalty as well. There you can find a palace and a village which has preserved their infra structures from hundreds of Years a go.

Sintra is a hill which extends several kms until "Cabo da Roca" The Western point in Europe- "Where the earth meets the ocean".