1 Month Intensive Surf Training Program

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Surf Coaching Sessions

Max. 2 persons

This surf course is suited for beginners, intermediate to advanced surfers of all ages. We will always adapt this surf course to your needs and goals.

A one month duration surfing course to increase your performance. Your surf coach will create a surf training program according to your goals. You will benefit with the support of several tools as such video recording, surf skate, indo board, light weights, free surfs etc. You will do sunrise or sunset sessions, skate sessions, road trips, fitness trainings, and be part of the surf culture/community.

When the swell is massive or a competition is on the roll we will do a road trip to right into it! Surf breaks will be chosen according to your needs.These are some of the topics we will approach:


-Understand equipment

-Understand surf etiquette

-How to do line up check

-Positioning yourself in the line up

-Good wave selection

-How to pop up

-How to angle on take off

-Learn to lean

-How to surf top to bottom

-How to duck dive

-How to wipeout safely

-How to generate speed

-How to carve

-How to do floaters

-How to do lip line

-How to do re-entry

-How to tube ride

-How to do laybacks

-How to do bottom turns

-How to set up aerials

-How to do cutbacks


It doesn't matter your experience or level of skill, We will treat you with professionalism and always looking forward for you to achieve your goal. 

Sardinha surf coaching will be part of your lifetime goals as a surfer!