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Surf Coaching

1:1 Surf coaching exclusively dedicated to your needs.



Our lessons are different from the convencional old days way. It's not only about standing up, here you will learn about the ocean and winds behavior, we help guide you to deconstruct the technique behind surfing! We make surf to be accessible and simple to everyone! Our Surf coaches can cover this topics and much more: -Control of your board; - Wave Reading; -Wave selection; -Advanced paddling technique; -Advanced wave entrance; - Deep understanding about different types of Takeoffs/pop ups; -Bottom turns; -Maneuvers repertoire; -Surf Etiquette & etc! Our surf Coaches are Locals & Certified by the Portuguese Surf Federation. It doesn't matter your experience or level of skill, they will treat you with professionalism and always looking forward for you to achieve your goal. They are known by being accessible and we are amazed with the feedbacks from our guests from day 1! They will answer to any question you might have and about the surroundings as well, they are super friendly and always with a smile in their faces!


Private Surf Coaching


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Surf Coaching